A Bitcoiner’s Guide To Bitcoin Amsterdam

The largest Bitcoin only gathering in Europe is happening in one week — here is everything you need to know about it.

This is an opinion editorial by Chris Smith, the events ticketing manager for BTC Inc. Disclaimer: BTC Inc. is the parent company of Bitcoin Magazine and the Bitcoin Conference.

A lot has happened in the past three months since Bitcoin Amsterdam was announced. An orange wave has taken over the city as Bitcoiners from around the world descend upon the city. With over 100 speakers confirmed and over 3000 people expected on-site, it looks like we will be celebrating the Bitcoin winter storm in the Venice of the North.

As discussed in my previous piece, “The Bitcoin Conference And The Pursuit Of Hyperbitcoinization,” I tried to answer a few questions such as:
What is hyperbitcoinization? Why did we choose Amsterdam? And why go global with the Bitcoin Conference?

With this piece, I aim to bring a specific focus to Bitcoin Amsterdam and highlight what I believe will be a true spark in the acceleration of hyperbitcoinization in Europe. I will cover two different topics: experiences and opportunities. Bitcoin is best in person, and Bitcoin Amsterdam aims to prove that point once again.

A Lineup To Be Excited About

With a two day, action-packed speaker lineup, a full-blown art gallery and the European installment of Sound Money Fest, I believe there will be no shortage of experiences to be had at Bitcoin Amsterdam. If you were present in Miami, you can expect the same energy, but this time with a European flare. In partnership with Amsterdam Decentralized, the Bitcoin Conference has planned three days of a full agenda focusing on grassroots Bitcoin adoption combined with the freedom-first ethos that the Benelux region is known for. Here are some of my favorite agenda highlights that you won’t want to miss!


Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Nigel Farage and Peter McCormack

Nigel Farage will join Peter McCormack on the main stage to discuss decentralization and how to make Europe more financially competitive. “Farage” on GB News will be airing live on Thursday, October 13, the second G.A. day of the event, at 8 p.m. (GMT+2).

“This is an opportunity to wake people up to the fact that Bitcoin is a reality, and it’s here to stay.” said Nigel Farage, when asked about his upcoming appearance at the event. “I am looking forward to coming along and broadcasting my GB News show live from the conference in Amsterdam.”

“Free Assange”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Stella Assange

One of my most anticipated and exciting talks of the conference will be the opportunity to hear Stella Assange discuss Bitcoin, her husband’s story and how the two connect. This is a can’t miss discussion. Catch it at 3:15 p.m. on the first G.A. day of the event.

“The Struggle For Freedom”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Leopoldo López and Alex Gladstein

Another highly anticipated fireside chat is a conversation between Leopoldo López and Alex Gladstein, which will feature a discussion on the struggle for freedom. Specifically, López and Gladstein aim to showcase how bitcoin will play a key role in establishing freedom in parts of the world where there currently is none. This chat will happen at 1:30 PM on G.A. Day 2.

“The Future Of Sidechains”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Adam Back, Aaron van Wirdum and Paul Sztorc

I must admit, this is the panel I am looking forward to the most. Anytime I have the opportunity to hear brilliant minds such as Adam, Aaron and Paul discuss high-level topics in Bitcoin, I always feel FOMO to be in attendance. Be sure to stop by the main stage on G.A. Day 1 at 11:55 AM to hear more about The Future of Sidechains.

“Has Bitcoin’s Inflation Hedge Narrative Failed?”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Jeff Booth, Niko Jilch, Greg Foss and Prince Philip of Serbia

At 10:10 AM on the first G.A. day, attendees will be able to listen to a conversation around the highly debated topic of Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. Jeff Booth and Greg Foss both bring incredible conversation around risk management, while Niko and Philip will bring expertise in European finance and policy. This combination is one to look forward to, and luckily, it’s the first panel on the agenda.

“Why Bitcoin? Understanding The Macro Landscape”

Location: The Deep Sessions (*Requires Whale Pass)

Guest(s): Dylan LeClair

The macro landscape has been incredibly dynamic lately, and bitcoin has experienced volatility in the middle of it. Dylan, an expert in macroeconomics and head of market research at Bitcoin Magazine Pro, will be providing a high signal discussion regarding this at 2:15 PM on the first G.A. day of the event. A Whale Pass is required for this fireside chat — you can see all the awesome additions you get with this pass here.

“Bitcoin’s Media Problem”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Daniel Prince, Pete Rizzo, Joe Hall, Izabella Kaminska and Jemima Kelly

With recent controversy behind Jemima Kelly’s recent article in Forbes, Pete Rizzo’s recent article on Bitcoin Maximalism, plus the addition of a few of the most highly regarded journalists in the industry, this panel aims to face the controversy head-on and put the noise aside. Bitcoin Amsterdam aims to provide a place where all opinions are welcome and discussion is encouraged, and this panel looks to embrace that concept to the fullest. Check it out at 9:55 AM on G.A. Day 2.

More Than Just Panels

Alongside the agenda and the amazing panels that are planned, there is more to the event’s experience than just what you will hear onstage. Here are a few additional highlights of activities that you will want to check out when you get to the venue.

Bitcoin Boat Tours

I think that one of the best activities to do in Amsterdam is a boat tour, and it is exciting that these will be available at Bitcoin Amsterdam (sponsored by Ledn). This will be a great opportunity to network with potential clients, increase business development or get closer to your team. Make sure you check out all of the information that you need to know before you go.

The Art Gallery

Last year at Bitcoin 2022, artists from around the world gathered to celebrate bitcoin and the opportunity it gives artists to be self-sovereign. Bitcoin Amsterdam aims to bring this exact same energy, but with an emphasis on European bitcoin artists. A few highlighted artists who are attending are Lena, Pepenardo, Cryptograffiti, Mear One, Proof of Paint, Ryr, Zetra, Tommy Marcheschi and so many more. See more about the attending artists and the gallery here.

, A Bitcoiner’s Guide To Bitcoin Amsterdam

Side Events And Whale Night

In addition to what is taking place at the venue, our events bring a unique aspect to the entire trip with “Bitcoin Week.” Bitcoin Week provides companies, media outlets, and any individual an opportunity to pursue their own side event for the community to attend. This is the team’s fourth reiteration of “Whale Night”, at the local “Supperclub”.

Supperclub is nothing like you’ve experienced before. Not even close. A vibing club. A feast for all your senses where you’ll mix, mingle and dance the night away. Supperclub is home to the brave, the wild, the young and the restless.

It’s the home of unforgettable events and we know Whale Night will be just that — unforgettable!

The European Networking Opportunity Of The Year

, A Bitcoiner’s Guide To Bitcoin Amsterdam

Apart from the amazing experience you will get to have as an attendee, there are massive opportunities for you to increase your network and get to know the Bitcoin industry better. With more than 40 companies, 50 media outlets and 3000 people expected to attend, this event is shaping up to be the leading event for sharing news, networking and advancing business development.

Here’s a list of three “must knows” to help you navigate networking at Bitcoin Amsterdam and be the most efficient that you can be.

  • We have a networking app!
    • To learn more about the official conference app, please visit our mobile app page.
    • You will be able to reach out to clients, set up meetings and lay out your entire event agenda all within our networking app.
    • If you are looking for a job in the bitcoin industry, this is the app for you.
  • There will be an exhibition hall!
    • The exhibition hall will be the best place to network at the event. Visit your favorite bitcoin companies, meet their teams and see what they are building!
  • The event is an “open campus!”
    • An “open campus” means that many of the activities will flow from building to building and the entire site will be open to walk around, shoot interviews and network with others in the industry.

Bitcoin Amsterdam is going to be the place to network. Doing things last second at conferences is typically very stressful and unsuccessful. Make sure to go in with a plan. Don’t be afraid to follow up with your connections after the conference and plan to meet them again at our Miami event in May 2023!

Wrapping Things Up

Bitcoin Amsterdam is going to be a three day extravaganza. If it is not currently on your agenda, then it needs to be! If you made it through this article and want to attend, I’m happy to give a special 21% discount for all readers with code “ARTICLE21.”

To conclude, here are some more thoughts about Bitcoin Amsterdam from David Bailey, the CEO of Bitcoin Magazine:

“While Europe is lagging behind other regions in terms of regulatory and governmental acceptance, demand from ordinary investors and institutions is among the highest in the world.

What’s more, the continent’s significant Bitcoin developer and innovator community is helping shape the future of the world’s preeminent digital currency — and which continues to rise.

Europe has been at the forefront of financial and technological innovation for over 500 years, with Amsterdam playing a particularly noteworthy role in the development of modern banking, making it the perfect choice for our first European event.

While Europe’s regulators have been so far slow to embrace the potential of Bitcoin, the combination of the continent’s history and its continued high demand for Bitcoin means that our community can give the support, collaboration and direction that European governments are so signally failing to provide, and together pursue our shared goal of Hyperbitcoinization.”

This is a guest post by Chris Smith. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.