Bitcoin Design Community Announces Hackathon-Style Event For Design In October

The Designathon takes place October 12-23 and is taking open submission for innovative bitcoin product designs and sponsorships for participant prizes.

The Bitcoin Design Community, a group dedicated to open-source design for bitcoin products, is hosting a Designathon (a hackathon but for design) from October 12-23.

The Design Bitcoin team is partnering with Bolt.Fun and its Legends of Lightning tournament while also seeking to coordinate with the TABConf Builder Day. The goal of the event is to connect builders and designers to collaborate and explore new ideas and concepts in the ecosystem.

Designers looking to submit ideas for the Designathon can do so here and after a quick review, the ideas will be posted on the main site for others to view and consider as a project.

Furthermore, anyone can submit an idea to work on with others or as an individual and attendees will also have the option to join in on other projects that they did not submit. When attendees add a project to the event they will also have the opportunity to sign up for the Legends of Lightning tournament.

The event will follow a loose schedule with three main segments: kickoff, mid-event check-in, and the wrap up calls. Projects will follow their own pace throughout the event.

In addition, the team behind the event is trying to schedule some design jam sessions, workshops, and other events that will be available throughout the Designathon.

Would-be sponsors looking to become involved with the project can do so in the form of prizes for the attendees. 100% of the proceeds from sponsorships will go to the participants.