Orange Pill: A New App To Meet Bitcoiners

A new app geared towards connecting local bitcoiners in real life called Orange Pill just launched at Pacific Bitcoin.

The new Orange Pill App (OPA) is seeking to connect Bitcoiners in real life without the need for meetups and conferences, per a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

Today, in Santa Monica, California at the Pacific Bitcoin Conference, Orange Pill became available on IOS and Android devices will go live in December. The team behind Orange Pill says conferences can be expensive and time consuming, while meetups often have low attendance and require large amounts of planning.

“As we march into the unknown and increasingly dystopian nature of fiat clown world it is more important than ever that our message is aligned, our tools are sharpened, companies, meetups, workshops are created and other community grassroots efforts flourish,” said Daniel Prince, a Bitcoiner, podcaster, and advisor to Orange Pill App.

OPA explained that there is an increasing amount of noise on Twitter making it harder to create connections in real life with Bitcoiners.

“DM’s are filled with crypto bros and big busted Asian Women bots inquiring about the success of your tradings,” said Prince. “Replies to tweets are filled with defi, web3 and shitcoin apologists who have formed secret discord chats to coordinate their efforts to systematically pump their own bags whilst harvesting your engagement.”

Moreover, OPA was formed out of the frustration of its CEO, Matteo Pellegrini, who struggled to find local Bitcoiners in his area when he moved to a new neighborhood.

“Building the Orange Pill App is going to be the privilege of my life. I have been a bitcoiner for many years and every time I meet another pleb IRL, whether at a meeting or conference, it has always been an incredible experience that I wish more people could have,” said Pellegrini. ”I hope OPA will play a part in expediting Bitcoin adoption.”